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By Ken Ellis

A grant from Oscorp Industries Life Sciences Division will provide the resources needed to maintain necessary staffing in the nursing departments of several New York City hospitals. With budgets strapped, administrators were worried they’d lack the ability to provide adequate care to patients.

The Oscorp grant will not only allow the nursing departments to maintain their current staff, it will also supply hospitals with extensive robotic medical equipment upgrades, some of which are still in the experimental phase. Of course, if experience has taught us anything, it’s that experimental robotics projects never ever go horribly, horribly wrong.

In an official statement, Oscorp spokesman, Donald Menken added, “Nurses are the front line in our city’s healthcare and Oscorp couldn’t be more appreciative of the work they do. That’s why we want to give them the best tools possible.”

When asked about the improved equipment for nurses in city hospitals, nurse May Parker said, “It’s great to see more opportunities for younger nurses and it’s also an amazing gift to the people of New York City. I’m excited to learn how to use these new machines, even if they do look a little scary.”

It remains to be seen just how impactful these new experimental robotics will be when it comes to saving lives. One can’t help but wonder, will Spider-Man even get a little jealous?


Spider-Man has trashed bad guys and saved little old ladies, but what would YOU do with his powers? That’s the question we asked last week, and our readers responded. Seems like some of you are wall-crawlers in the making, while others would rather spin a web of deceit!

Jack H., Brooklyn

To be honest, if I had Spider-Man’s powers I probably would use them as a great way to get some personal experience; (which I need for my college applications). I would swing around town and try to have a meaningful moment or something, I don’t know, that’s what colleges want, right? That’s what my Dad says. If I really had Spidey’s powers I would do a year abroad, probably in a place with a dope jungle. Sigh…one day maybe.

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