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By Ken Ellis

In an unexpected setback, Oscorp Industries failed to secure a contract for the development of a flying suit with the United States military.  Sources say  the international conglomerate had been so confident of landing the contract they had already hired a congratulatory skywriting message over New York City that read: “Oscorp soars to success!”

Government sources hinted that the contract intended for military aerial reconnaissance and infiltration landed with a Los Angeles-based conglomerate with offices in Manhattan. Oscorp spokesman, Donald Menken, had no comment.

The losing bid repudiates two decades worth of research in electromagnetic anti-gravity conducted by Oscorp robotics division engineer, Dr. Adrian Toomes. When asked what this development meant for Toomes, Menken simply rolled his eyes and replied “Really? Why are you even asking me? No comment.”


By Ken Ellis

The masked vigilante Spider-Man has once again apprehended notorious bank-robber, Herman Schultz, nabbing the prison escapee yesterday afternoon during an attempted robbery at a diamond exchange in Midtown Manhattan.

Schultz managed to hold off the police for some time using his technologically advanced vibratory gauntlets that either emit dangerous pulse waves or have the unique singular power to throw cop cars hundreds of feet in the air (we’re guessing it’s the former).

After a brief skirmish that left several police vehicles heavily damaged, Spider-Man removed one of Schultz’s gauntlets and gave Schultz a taste of his own medicine, which in this case was a pulse wave right to the face.

Schultz had recently escaped from Ryker’s Island penitentiary where he was being held on bank robbery charges.  Detective Jean DeWolff of the Major Crimes Unit admitted the police thought Schultz had fled the city.

“The really sad thing about him is that he must be a brilliant engineer to create a weapon like this,” said DeWolff. “He could sell that technology and make billions, instead he chooses to rob a bank for what? A couple of grand? This guy is a stone cold dummy.”